Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coming Soon to DVD

Yeah, yeah. I know I've already announced with excitement that S&TC is being released on September 23rd, but check out THIS DVD cover... 2 disk special edition with an extended cut! When I think of September 23rd, I think "oh happy day". Don't anyone even think of getting this for me for my birthday. If you think I'm going to wait a whole month for it, then you are just CRAZY.

However, if you are searching for Christmas ideas, here is one...

The complete Sopranos is coming out November 11th. It can be yours (or mine) for the list price of $399 (but barnes and noble is running the cut rate price of $319 or $287 if you are a member). Geez, I don't know how they are going to sell it so cheap ;)


Abby said...

Rumor around these here parts is that if you buy a dvd at walmart from Tues-Thursday of the week it comes out, they discount it. Then on Friday of that week the price goes up. Just an FYI

Heather said...

well done Kara!
I've been thinking about starting a blog but who do I know that really needs to know the whole truth?! (kidding)
I hope all is well and I'm adding this to my favorite sites...just so you know.


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