Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Babysitting (Proceed with Caution!)

I played the role of babysitter today for 3 kids, ages 4, 5, and 9. A friend of a Mito and Lisa's died and I offered to babysit if the family needed a sitter (the lady that died had young children). Turns out there wasn't a sitter needed for the family of the deceased, but another friend of Mito's really needed a sitter in this area because they live in Fort Worth and were going east for vacation (they wanted to leave from here instead of having to go back to FW to get the kids after the funeral). Anyway, that long explanation leads you to how I ended up keeping the three kids.

Upon arrival, I was warned to watch Gracie, the 4 year old. Apparently she like to cut things (like hair), draw on walls and furniture, etc. To quote the Mom "If you think it is hidden from her, you better hide it again because she will find it!"

My adventures in babysitting included the following: Gracie playing doggy and carrying Lola's toys, bones, rawhides, etc. in her mouth as she crawled around on the floor; Gracie drinking out of Lola's water bowl; not finding Gracie right away but locating her a few seconds later in Lola's kennel; Gracie letting Lola out of the extra bedroom at least 8 different times (where frankly I had hidden Lola for her own safety); Gracie climbing the shelves of the pantry looking for candy; Gracie climbing in the refrigerator looking for watermelon; finding poop in the toilet multiple times (two of the three don't flush); and Gracie dumping the potpourri out on the coffee table because she thought it was real fruit in there. Those are just some of the adventures to name a few.

So if you have kids remember that while I will agree to babysit for free, I cannot guarantee that your kid won't drink from my dog's water bowl!


Abby said...

I can only imagine! Gracie sounds like quite a handful! I am so sorry for Mito's friend!! What a major loss for them...breaks my heart!

The Cooper Family said...

I am laughing so hard. I think the potpurri incident is my favorite.


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