Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Like Ratatouille Around Here!

So I have finally discovered what all the nightly commotion is about around my house...
For a while now, every single evening, from about 5:00 until bedtime, Lola stands in the dining room looking out the window and about every 4 minutes, she will just go nuts. I have gone to the window and looked out countless times, but seen nothing. I have even gone so far as to get under the buffet (because it is in front of the window) and look from Lola's point of view, but to no avail. I had just about decided that my poor Lola was schizophrenic.
Then last night, I saw our own little version of Remy from Ratatouille peeking out from under the neighbors fence! Of course, I would never put out poison for fear of hurting Lola, so looked up what I had heard, that cayenne pepper would kill rats. I read about this on the internet and now, after reading about what it does to the little guys, I could never do that to the poor little rat. So I have named him Remy. Haven't seen whether he has any friends yet, but if I find out that he can cook, I just might let him inside!



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