Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mellow Yellow

I saw an attorney in court this morning with what I am assuming were painted toenails...they were painted yellow. Now I know that some brands such as OPI has come out with some funky colors this summer, but I want you to know just how bad the idea of yellow is.

For one thing, it isn't a truly opaque bright yellow, so you cannot actually tell for certain that it is toenail polish (as opposed to just yellow toenails). Considering that they make medication to correct the problem of yellow fungus toenails and that they advertise it heavily, I'm surprised that someone would think it is a good idea to (1) manufacture yellow polish, (2) choose it as a color, or (3) continue to wear it after seeing it painted on your toes.

Lisa was disappointed that I didn't tell the attorney in court that her toes were really horrendous, but I really didn't feel like I knew her well enough (Lisa said sometimes things are so horrible, you really just have to say something even if you don't know the person, but I'm not sure about that sage advice). If you have been considering yellow polish, I say to you as a friend "DON'T DO IT". If you have made the poor decision to wear yellow polish already, I say "Take it off. Take it off right now! Throw the bottle away and nobody will ever need to know about your slip in judgment."

It's called "Need Sunglasses?" but should
probably be called "Need Fungus Medicine?"


Abby said...

That is one of the colors Emery would totally think about choosing, thankfully it's not quite bright enough so she'd go on to purple or blue.

Do not listen to Lisa, you can not just tell anyone their tonail polish is terrible because maybe she had a fungus and was painting it yellow to hide the fungus!!


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