Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Purchase

So this is my newest purchase for the house. It is hanging in my dining room. I have wanted this picture for almost three years (just about the whole time I've lived in this house). I originally saw it in Ballard Designs and it didn't come framed (just stretched canvas) and was $249(!). I ran across it in Kirlands by my house and it was normally $199, but clearanced out for $99. So this is my deal of the week!
Of course there is a back-story as to how I got to Kirklands in the first place... I was going places with Jennifer while she looked for a basket/chest/cube/something to put some of little Josh's toys in. We went to Hobby Lobby the day before and she didn't find what she was looking for, but of course I found christmas ornaments! Yes, Christmas Ornaments. Yes, it was 100 degrees outside, but they were 40% off and cute little kitchen-specific ornaments. I bought a new (bigger) tree for the kitchen last year 75% off in January, so I figured that I would need more ornaments. Then yesterday, we went to World Market and Kirklands. Again, Jennifer bought nothing, and I walked out with the picture and a few other small items.
Then the fiasco started! The picture wouldn't fit in Jennifer's car. Then I called Lisa for use of the CR-V, but she was off work and in Dallas. Then I went home to get my car. If it was about 2 inches smaller it would have fit. We pushed and crammed until I thought it was going to break (we actually heard a cracking noise at one point). So I finally said, "to heck with it" (or something similar to that) and stuck it in my trunk. I found a mesh thing in the trunk that is suppose to go across my trunk to keep things from rolling around, but since I've never used it for that, I put the stupid mesh thing to work! I rigged it up to help hold the trunk down as I drove home with the picture hanging out! Not quite the biggest fiasco Jennifer and I have gotten ourselves into, but definitely Beverly Hillbillies worthy while going down the road!


Abby said...

I love the picture...I think it was well worth the fiasco!


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