Friday, August 15, 2008

No Good Deed... (aka: the aftermath of Gracie)

So I just went into my extra bedroom to go through my gift chest (where I store gifts that I purchase for people over the year) to wrap my friend Suzanna's birthday gift. Her birthday is coming up in early September and being the early bird that I am, I wanted to get it all wrapped and ready to give (you know, in case something crazy happens and renders me unable to giftwrap? who knows why i do things so early!).

In the extra bedroom, sitting really kind of hidden away in the corner had been a birthday present that my friend Abby brought to me (she was also being a really early bird). I had done so good fighting the urge to open it early, and really had kind of hidden it away in there so that I would forget about it until late October. Anyway, I go in there and discover that my birthday present has been opened!

Immediately, I say "Lola, you bad girl! Look what you have done! You opened MY birthday present!". Lola just looks back blankly. Then it kind of dawns on me "How could Lola have done that?". I stand there perplexed for a minute or so. I look back at Lola and she appears to be perplexed also, only I suspect she is thinking "Now, just how do you think I could have done that!" Then I have the aha moment when the light bulb clicks on and I realize that Gracie, my little house guest from Tuesday, also known around these parts as Hurricane Gracie, must have unwrapped MY birthday present! That little stinker!!!

In case you are curious, the present was a Texas Tech garden gnome, and he came out of the early unveiling unscathed. Abby says that gnome's are suppose to bring you good luck. I hope they do, but I also am now hoping that since I will have my little gnome out for the entire season, he will bring my Red Raiders lots of luck too!

P.S. I may have to start a name the gnome game. I'm trying to figure out what to name him...some thoughts have been after some of favorite Red Raiders past and present including "Sonny", "Graham", "Wes", "Rylan", or maybe even "Ruffin" after our defensive coordinator who I am confident has changed life as we know it and will deliver us a defense to match our offense this year! Right now, I think Ruffin has the lead!



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