Friday, August 15, 2008


After hoping to watch some exciting events from the Olympics earlier today on TV, and getting stuck watching Kayaking, I decided to look up all of the "sports" that were part of the Summer Olympics. You may deduce from my tone that I do not believe each event is actually a sport, and you would be correct.

Here are some that I question the legitimacy of: Badminton, Canoe/Kayak (2 different kinds), Trampoline(!!!), Synchronized Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Table Tennis.

Trampoline? Seriously?! How old are those contestants, six maybe seven, because I don't know any self respecting adult who is going to be competing in a trampoline contest. Why not tether ball, seems like that one was overlooked by the people who thought dancing around with pretty streamers was an event?

You may find it interesting as I did, that the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will not include Baseball or Softball. Seems they were done on a trial basis and not picked up for the longterm. Fear not, all of the "have you on the edge of your seat" events listed above will still be hanging around for Jolly Old England!



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