Tuesday, October 21, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Lola went for her photo shoot today. We won't get the proofs back until Thursday, so I don't know whether she will be America's Next Top Doggy Model or not. The photographer said that she was the best dog that she had ever shot, but then she has only done three.

She didn't really quite live up to my expectations, but then I haven't seen the photos yet. She didn't like the background or the way that it was pullout out to cover the floor (she wanted no part of walking on it). We took her outside for some shots and she peed and pooped (I told her that I didn't think supermodels did that kind of thing in the middle of the photo shoot!).

I was very nervous for my friend Abby who will be at the photographer on Saturday with her kids and dog... I was worried that Lola would act up and the photographer would outlaw dogs from her studio! Abby- I think she will still let you bring Bailey (at least I hope!).


Abby said...

Bailey thanks lola...I hope he lives up to her standard! (As long as it's ball and bird free it will be ok!)


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