Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well my #7 ranked Red Raiders were able to hang on today and win, but barely! We won by 6 in overtime.

If you missed the game here is a recap:

We were up most the game. Hardly ever had the ball. Nebraska had the ball 40 minutes to our 20 minutes. In the 4th quarter, Nebraska tied it up. We got the ball back, and accidentally went for it on a 4th down. A LONG pass to Crabtree was successful for a first down, and then we were able to score. (I say accidentally, because after the game Harrell said that Coach Leach was only trying to get him to draw Nebraska off sides, but then we "accidentally" snapped it for a miracle play). Then Nebraska, the time suckers that they were, took the ball back down and tied it up, but with less than a minute left.

Overtime: Nebraska won the toss and opted for defense. We scored. Our crappy kicker got the extra point blocked. So, we're up 6. All Nebraska has to do is score and make their extra point and game over.

Nebraska gets the ball and on what I think was their second play, our defense starts putting some pressure on the quarterback and he throws an interception. GAME OVER!

So it wasn't real pretty, but we managed a win. Now time to get ready for next week when we hit the road for College Station.



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