Sunday, October 19, 2008


Lisa took me to dinner tonight at a new Italian restaurant in Allen called "Brio". It was very good. Their bellinis were fantastic. I had lobster risotto and she had the chicken & butternut squash risotto. Both were really good. They came by with the dessert tray. Like many restaurants now, they have the small desserts that will give you a bite of sweet but not large proportions. Theirs were served in little espresso cups.

I convinced Lisa that we could share one little caramel creme brulee.

Just a little background...Lisa hates to share (and will full well own up to it and is completely unashamed by it, that is why I know she won't mind me writing about it). She has improved greatly over the years. She will now let me sample a bite of what she ordered (she used to not allow this, as she put it "I think that I've ordered the best thing on the menu, so I don't need to have a bite of yours or want to share mine.") But tonight, neither of us wanted to share... Our little espresso cup of heaven was just too good!

So with her great words of wisdom, Lisa proclaimed "Next time something comes in a little shot glass, we're not sharing the damn thing!" I had to agree.

Thanks for a great dinner Lisa!



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