Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Jennifer brought over Joshua's Halloween costume for me to look at. He is going to be a spider. It is such a cute costume! She asked Lola if she would dress up like Little Miss Muffett to go along with Josh, but I think she is going to pass.

This got me thinking about Halloween and costumes in general...

One of my earliest memories about a costume was Casper the Friendly Ghost. It was one of those horrible plastic things that has the plastic mask that you can't breathe or see through.

When I was attending Stepping Stones Pre-school, we dressed up like Nursery Rhyme Characters and went to the nursing home to sing songs and such (but I don't think it was Halloween). I was Old Mother Hubbard. I remember coming home and telling my mom that we had to dress up like a character and her asking me which one I chose. She was not happy with my choice because she said she had no idea how to dress me up like Old Mother Hubbard. I explained my choice very simply... she is the character who has a dog! I think I probably ended up looking more like Laura Ingalls than Old Mother Hubbard, but by gosh, I got to take my stuffed Benji dog with me!

My coolest costume ever was an ET costume that my great grandmother made for me for my 5th Birthday (5th or 6th?). I will try to figure out how to scan a photo and get it on here because it was really a great costume.

One of my last costumes as a kid was a princess costume (shocking, I know). I had my grandmother make me a red taffeta dress with a black netting over the bottom part. Of course, I had a tiara! That year I had a Halloween dress up birthday party, but I didn't get to trick-or-treat because I had my tonsils out on Halloween.

We never really got to dress up much for school, but one year we had a book character day where we could dress up like our favorite book character. My mom surprised me and had an Amelia Bedelia costume made complete with the hat. I remember that I won the costume contest and my prize was a signed book by Betty Ren Wright (one of my favorite authors).

What was your favorite or most memorable costume???


The Cooper Family said...

One year I was Holly Hobby, but I hated the costume and refused to leave the house. So, I pouted and stayed home and handed out candy. What kid wants to hand out candy instead of getting a bag full on Halloween? Probably my favorite costume was a white, furry rabbit with a hot pink belly and ears. I think I wore it 2 years in a row. I loved that thing!


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