Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deal of the Century!

I ran by TJ Maxx after class and wondered by the shoes. I saw a nice pair of brown suede dress shoes with a brass chain across the toe. They looked pretty nice, so I pulled them down. They were a size far so good. Then I saw that they were Coach, so I held my breath as I flipped them over to see the price... $24.99!!!!!!!!! Talk about the mis-marks of all time! Whoever was pricing those shoes totally put the wrong darn tag on there because they said "regular price $50" and you know those suckers were well over $175. What a steal they were AND I didn't have to do anything illegal (but I felt like I was committing a crime as I check out)!

It was really my lucky day because they had my favorite Sara Beth jam that I have been out of forever and had been to cheap to order and have shipped from NYC.



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