Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just wanted to send out a reminder of the vice presidential debates. They are Thursday night. I will be tied up in a CLE all day tomorrow and then I have class, so I know that I won't have time to send out a reminder tomorrow.

I've been waiting on this debate since John McCain lost his darn mind and chose Sarah Palin. I'm predicting a bloodbath based on the recent stammering in the Katie Couric interviews (as well as the fact that she cannot name 1 supreme court decision besides roe v. wade, AND she thinks she is a federalist because she is for state's rights--wrong, federalists were and are for strong a strong central federal government--yes that was Alexander Hamilton & Thomas Jefferson you heard rolling over in their graves at the thought of a VP candidate not grasping the difference between a federalist and an anit-federalist!).

Is it possible to have a knockout in debates or maybe like a 7 run rule that can end it if it gets too horrible?

I've been trying to not blog politics up until now, but my disdain is growing by the minute and beginning to bubble out!



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