Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So my parents were nice enough to come down today for my birthday and take me to dinner. We went to Uncle Julio's and it was very yummy. My grandmother made me an Italian Cream Cake that is super fabulous too!

But to back up to all the drama, I was driving us to dinner (in my Dad's big truck) and while stopped at the stop sign to get onto the frontage road up at Eldorado and 75 we were rear-ended (or ass holed as my Dad so eloquently put it!). It did some damage to the bumper and fender of Dad's truck. The old folks that hit us were in a Civic and it did some damage to the front of their car. Luckily nobody was hurt.

Maddie and Gracie called to sing me Happy Birthday and bless their little hearts...they are under the impression that I'm 28 (Gracie) and 25 (Maddie)! I'll have to throw a little something extra in their Halloween cards!

Of course, my Mom told me the same story that she always tells... how she went to the hospital in the early morning hours of October 22, 1976. Their friends Jerry Dan and Mary came to the hospital after work to see me, of course they assumed I would have surely arrived by then. But no, I didn't come until 8:06 p.m. This year Mom did decide to spare me the portion of the guilt trip where she talks about not having any drugs during the delivery!


Abby said...

Sorry about the wreck! Glad you had a happy birthday...maybe I will start harrassing Emery...she didn't come until 9. I did have drugs though!

emery thinks you are only I'm pretty sure she's 6.


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