Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well my black cloud that seems to follow me and cause everything to break has struck again. This week it is the electrical wiring in my house. For some reason several of the plugs in my office work, then don't work, then work again, etc. I had the electrician come out today and apparently if one of the wires in one plug gets loose, then it can cause several to stop working. Who knew? The plug that was loose is one that is behind a bookcase and has never been used the whole three years that I've lived here. So my question is, how did it get loose and if it has been loose for three years, why is it NOW causing a problem. Weird.

Jennifer was at my house dealing with the electrician because I had one of my scheduled 16 weeks in advance hair appointments today. If you know anything about my continuing hair dresser saga, then you know that usually I'm too embarrassed to leave the salon and go anywhere but home to re-wash and re-dry my hair. Most of the time though, I can at least put it in a pony tail and be seen in public. Of course, that is what I was banking on today since I have to leave at 5:00 to go to class. Of course, today is the worst day ever. It was so bad, I even commented about how bad it looked. So I had race home and do the wash, dry, and style so that I can go to class without a hat on my head tonight!

On a better note, the weather is so wonderfully FALL! It isn't even 70 degrees outside. I LOVE IT!



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