Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ET Costume as promised

Okay, bear in mind that I'm crap with the scanner when viewing these images (which is why there are huge white spaces around the photos). The mere fact that you can view them should get me much more than a pat on the back!
It was my 6th birthday party...I remember it like it was yesterday, not the 26 years ago that it actually was. My theme was Halloween that year. Here is me with my grandma opening up a present from my great-grandparents. As you can see in photo 1 here, I'm very perplexed by these brown hands that I have unwrapped!

Then in Photo 2 (below), I have figured out that it is an ET costume that my great-grandmother made for me and I'm excited!

Then in Photo 3 (below), I am standing with my cat Benji and modeling the full ET costume. Notice that super big pumpkin that my Great-granddad brought me that year!



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