Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So Happy Halloween from Lola & Me! Lola hates her witch hat, so she was moving around too fast to get clearly captured on film (and my battery died before I was able to shoot any better pictures)!
This afternoon, Jennifer and I took Little Josh down to the square in McKinney for "Scare at the Square" to celebrate his first Halloween. Scare at the Square is one of the festivals that we have here in downtown McKinney that make me feel like I live in the fictional town of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. All the merchants and restaurants give out candy and there is a train for the kids, etc. Below are some photos from our beautiful square on this fall day.

The Old Courthouse anchors our square and is the hub for Halloween events.

Below is Jennifer's little guy, Joshua. He was a spider, and was cute cute cute!

Below is Lisa's little boy, Tommy and his little (half) brother Matt. Tommy was some character for the Star Wars Clone movie (that I'm unfamiliar with) and Matt was mini Darth Vader.

Below are Lon & Roslyn's two little cuties! Vivienne is a Barbie cheerleader (much to the horror of her father) and Grace was a lady bug!

Here is Sarah-Grace, my friend Jenn's little one. She is a cute puppy for her 1st Halloween. She is spotted just like her three real pups, Annie, Maisy & Marley!

Finally, here are two real cuties! Miss Emery as Dorothy and Little Brooks is the Lion (another little guy enjoying his 1st Halloween)!

As you can see, I love taking and getting Halloween Pictures of some of my favorite little people! There are some of my little friends missing from this pictorial because they live too far away to trick-or-treat here and I haven't received an e-mail of photos from their busy moms!
Trick-or-Treating has been pretty slow tonight. I guess a lot of people are having parties. I have found that as in past years, my witch themed front door seems to be quite the photo-op for little trick-or-treaters both before I answer the door and after I've closed it!
As always, Lola can't wait for this night to be over (and I'm praying that the night ends before she has a heart attack)!


Abby said...

Love it! They are all so sweet...I' m so glad you posted everyone. I love to see the costumes.


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