Friday, October 17, 2008

sun + moon = lookout

I noticed on my drive home from school today that the sun was high in the sky, but so was the moon. I was chatting with Jennifer on the phone and mentioned this oddity. I said that if I were a person from ancient times, this probably would have concerned me. Now, I can tell you that I should have listened to my inner ancient instincts! Next time I see such a sight I will know that sun + moon = lookout, your day is going to be a cluster!

We had a really relaxed day planned with not much to do. We had planned to not do too much work and hit up some of the newly opened shops in Allen. Suffice it to say that hardly anything went as planned.

At least something did go as planned though... I really treated myself today and had a massage. I went to this great spa in Allen called Eaton Court. They were participating in this promotion called Spa Week. Twice a year, spas across the country offer a few services for the discounted rate of only $50. I went for Spa Week in April too. Today I had a different massage therapist than I did in April. The lady today was kind of kooky, but I liked her. She gave me the scoop that if I come in next week on Thursday when they are raising money for breast cancer research and book an appointment with her anytime between Oct. 23rd and December 31st, I can get it for the same discounted price. You know I'm going to be there on Thursday with my appointment book in hand!



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