Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I always say I'm not going to hit the stores up on Black Friday, but as usual, I had to do a little shopping, though I wasn't there for the door busters. I was seduced by the Target ad this year and that is what got me out this morning. They had crazy cheap DVDs, so I went and loaded up. I got "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "The Holiday" for $3.98 each. For $5.98 each, I bought "27 Dresses", "Juno", and "The Devil Wears Prada". I bought a few other kid movies for gifts too.

In addition to Target, I went to the mall in Frisco. I hit up Bath and Body Works for some gifts and stuff for myself, Williams-Sonoma for a couple of gifts and finally Macy's for two bread and butter plates that match my dishes (usually $29 each and I paid $9.50 each). To add an interesting twist to the Holiday shopping, Macy's has employed a transvestite named "Jamie" to work in its china department. As Jamie was checking me out, I was wondering if Jamie went into the interview as a transvestite, or if Jamie was a man in the interview and then showed up as a female on his/her first day at work? With all of the unemployed these days, you would have thought Macy's wouldn't have chosen the transvestite out of the many people who are surely applying; however, it is important to note that Jamie ended up being far more competent than most of the Macy's sales clerks, so maybe they should hire more cross-dressers!

Of course, in typical fashion, those weren't my only stops. I had to actually hit up Target twice just to get all the DVDs, because I left and then realized I should have got a couple of the kid gifts there. Then when I got home I realized that "27 Dresses" was in widescreen format instead of full screen and since I don't have a fancy schmancy wide screen tv, I went back to Target to get the Full Screen version. Then when I got home, I realized that Juno too was widescreen format, so I'm about to make my fourth and (please God) final trip to Target (for today of course...don't get crazy and think I won't be back within a couple of days!).

I had hoped to start my Christmas decorations today, but I don't think I have enough of the Christmas spirit in me to do it today. Tomorrow I have little Joshua's first b-day party at 2:00 and then the final Tech game at 2:30, so maybe tomorrow night after the game I will get started on it.

The weather today is fantastic (at least by my standards)! It is 50 degrees and raining. I LOVE IT! It seemed like sausage ball weather to me, so while at Target (on my 3rd trip), I bought the ingredients to make some and I probably will do that today, wrap some more presents and work on cleaning out my DVR for the rest of the day. If I get really ambitious, I will go ahead and get out all of my trees, get them set up, shaped, plugged in, etc.

Happy Shopping! Let's all do our best to boost the economy!



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