Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just got a chance to finish watching my DVR'd Oprah from Friday. She had an announcement that she lost her 14 year old chocolate cocker, Solomon two weeks ago. She lost her black cocker Sophie to kidney failure back in the spring. Here is something you wouldn't normally thing of saying, but boy, I sure feel bad for Oprah. If I had lost my Lola the same year we lost Macy, I think you would have had to bury me too! I can't imagine losing two of your "kiddos" the same year. It made me give my little pup an extra bear-hug and kiss today!


Abby said...

Didn't she lose one of her new puppies this year too? Or was that a different one?

Kara said...

She lost Gracie, her Golden in May 2007. She was the one that choked on a ball.


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