Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great White Huntress

Lola, the great white huntress has succeeded tonight. I came home from class and let her out to potty. As soon as I opened the door and stepped out onto the patio, I could see a little mouse running along the back fence (the bottom horizontal slats). It all happened too fast! Lola saw it as soon as I did, so there was no keeping her inside. She darted after it and I'll be darned if she didn't catch him. I got her to drop him and saw his little tail moving, but then she grabbed him again, and the chase was on (this time between me and Lola). I finally caught her, got her to drop the mouse (which I presumed was dead by this point) and drug her into the house. I went back out with my craptastic flashlight, but couldn't find a mouse corpse. I'll have to wait until the sun is up to initiate the recovery of the corpse. I'm hoping that the little guy was just stunned and was able to recover from the heart attack that he probably had and run off.

Lola appeared confused that I wasn't proud of her, but you know I love the little mice. I cohabitated with one in Lubbock for a good year. He would run back and forth behind my desk and sometimes come down the hall and look in my bedroom at me when I was up on my bed reading. I had to look all over Lubbock for 6 months before I found a trap that would trap him, but not hurt him. Of course, I never was able to catch him. Guess Macy wasn't as into hunting mice as Lola is!

UPDATE: The mouse is dead. On a later potty trip outside, Lola found her prize and after another chase (again between Lola and me), the mouse has been thrown over the fence.


Emilymud said...

Oh poor little mouse, however it was just in Lola's nature. Maybe there is a friend mouse that is smater than this one was. I love the blog..I was laughn out loud as I read it.


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