Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Like Going Home

I received an e-mail two days ago about a Collegiate SuperStore that was going in at Mockingbird Station. The e-mail came from Red Raider Outfitter in Lubbock and they said they were temporarily setting up shop there. So of course, after the work was done today, I headed down to Dallas.

It was really a two purpose trip... First, I have been crazy craving Red Hot and Blue. Second, I could see what the Outfitter has for this Red Raider gal. (at this point, you should be really impressed that I was able to wait 2 WHOLE DAYS before turning my car south on 75 to go and check out the Outfitter's supply!).

Since lunch was involved, I was able to rope Jennifer into going with me. We stopped at Red Hot and Blue first. We split a 1/2 order of their wonderful onion rings and split a pulled pork sandwich (we've discovered that when we order rings, neither of us can finish our sandwich). Of course, I wasn't willing to half the order of the "best in the world" potato salad, so we ordered an extra side of that! We finished that off with one of their new petite bowls of blackberry cobbler (not as good as Mom's!). All of that was pretty fantastic with one exception...they were out of the Carolina BBQ sauce! Apparently I'm one of only about 15 people who actually like the vinegar based Carolina sauce, so they removed it from the tables a while back and made it so that you had to request them to bring it out, but today they were just plain OUT! I really love that sauce and besides the potato salad, it is the main reason I enjoy RH&B so much, so that was a HUGE BUMMER!!!!!

After our tummies were full, we headed down to Mockingbird Station. At first we couldn't find the Outfitter, so we decided to just park and walk around until we found it. I saw a parking spot open up in that nightmare for parking shopping center, so I took it. It was like the gates of heaven opening up because right in front of us was the Red Raider Outfitter. Seeing all the red and black caused me to have a skip in my step as I walked through those doors!

Unfortunately, they were still unpacking and didn't have a ton of things I wanted or sizes I needed, but still, walking around all of that Tech gear was almost as refreshing as being in Lubbock itself... Just Like Going Home!!! I wanted a sweatshirt and found some that were insanely expensive and not exactly what I wanted, but by golly I decided I was going to suck it up and fork over the money anyway (you know being in there was kind of kid in the candy store kind of a thing, so I wasn't thinking 100% clearly). I tried it on and it was one of those with a hoodie and pocket in the front (neither things I wanted in a sweatshirt). As much as I tried, I realized that the pocket in front made me feel like a kangaroo with a joey in my pouch and I just wasn't going to fork over $65 for that!!!

I finally settled on a cute long sleeve t-shirt (black that has TECH on the front and the TECH is red and black zebra print). Really cute and only $22! I also nabbed a black cap made for women with a cute little petite double T on it.

As I said, it was a little bit like being in the Hub City for a few minutes.... now if we could just get them to put in a Cagle's Steaks, Spanky's and One Guy from Italy in there!!!



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