Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lola's Pictures

I finally just decided to bite the bullet and place my photo order with the photographer. I have looked at those pictures until I'm blue in the face and have contemplated my order for over a week. Wars have been entered into with less contemplation!!!

I finally decided the problem that I was having was, it was kind of like choosing a favorite Lola. For me and Jennifer (the two who have spent the most time with Lola during her almost 4 years of life), we can never choose a "favorite Lola". Sometimes we discuss that our favorite Lola is sleepy Lola. Then we change our minds and it is mischievous Lola. Then we change our minds and it is snuggly Lola, etc. The photos were the same way, choosing my favorites was like choosing my "favorite Lola" and that is just impossible!!!



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