Monday, November 24, 2008

Shop 'til you drop!

My mom has come into town and we have shopped until we are both ready to drop. It started yesterday and has continued all day today.

I realized this morning that I am a really nice teacher. Here it is the holiday week and I figured my students don't really care about learning (not sure they ever do) and I sure don't care much about lecturing, so I showed a great Thanksgiving episode of The West Wing. It is the great one where the President has to pardon two turkeys because CJ is horrified that the one she doesn't choose will get slaughtered (clearly not from Sarah Palin's pagebook). Well, I discovered that the government teacher who uses the same classroom right after me was giving a test. A TEST! On a holiday week! That has got to suck if you are a student (and the teacher...she'll have to grade over the holiday).

P.S. to Emily: Thanks for the shout-out about how happy you were that your Sooners beat Tech so badly. Much appreciated. I will of course be rooting for the Cowboys this week; however, if you do beat OSU, then I will be very pleased that at least you will likely come out on the top of the Big 12 South over the horns, and I will take over rooting for you guys.


Emilymud said...

Wonderful...I was very sad for your team really. Ask Bri, we watched in disbelief! Go Sooners, I would love nothing more than us to be on top of the Big 12. Thanks for the semi-well wishes!!

I too think you are a great teacher! Who does want to test and then grade them? Not any teacher I know!! Good work.

Abby said...

Black Friday watch out!!


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