Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sweet Lola definitely has bladder stones. I'm not happy that she has stones, but happy that she hasn't just forgotten how to be potty trained! Our plan for treatment is a round of antibiotics and special Hill's prescription dog food for a month. She is suppose to have NO treats! NO TREATS? Can you imagine? Lola is a total treat hound! How am I suppose to get her to anything without a bribe of a treat? The vet did mention that she just isn't suppose to have treats with any calcium, so I may make sure I can find some that she can have, and she is still allowed to have rawhides.

We will go back for x-rays in December and see if the stones have reduced. If they have, then we will continue this course of treatment. If not, then we will do surgery.

In another note, Lola has gained 5 pounds in the past year and a half. Time for Lola and me to take some walks!

I'll have to update on Thanksgiving festivities later but so far we have had people drinking too much and my mom running out of gas halfway on her trip home from Wichita Falls!


Abby said...

Poor Lola...hope this works so she can avoid surgery.


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