Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday's events

Jennifer and I went to Canton today. It was a fairly typical trip (ie: I spent too much money). Jennifer and I are quite the anomalies though... everyone was talking about the nice weather while Jennifer and I were moaning and groaning about the weather. We could have been quoted as saying, "I wish it were freezing." and "I wish we were experiencing a cold rain today.", etc. You see, we were sweating it up today, and that is most definitely something I DO NOT enjoy in November. In addition, pretty weather = bigger crowds. Our favorite Canton trip EVER was in subzero temps! We had the whole place practically to ourselves (never mind the cuddle duds we had to wear under our clothes, the coats, the gloves, the scarves, and the hats that we had to wear!).

We stopped back by the outlets in Terrell but didn't get anything there. I mention it because it made me think of a funny story about Lisa and her parents. Lisa's parents Don and Edna live in Terrell. Once when Lisa was visiting a year or two ago, she wanted to go to the outlets, but it was after dark. Edna was adamant that Lisa could not go alone (despite the fact that she was 30 something years old and practically lived alone too). Edna kept telling Lisa, "you have to take your Daddy with you". To which Lisa replied, "Mom, what good is Daddy going to do if someone tries to attack me, he can barely hobble along on his bum knee." To which Edna replied, "If you take Daddy then you don't have to run faster than your attacker, you only have to be faster than Daddy!"

Classic! I love Edna!


Abby said...

I'm so jealous I love Canton! I agree we had the most fun on a January Canton trip, it was after christmas and cold. Perfect Cantoning!!


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