Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Wait is Over

The day that everyone waits for is almost here....Oprah's Favorite Things. It airs tomorrow (Wednesday). Of course I haven't seen it yet (O doesn't send me an advanced copy of anything), but I'm already disappointed. This year is a "gifts on the cheap" year. How are we suppose to know what really expensive gifts to covet if O doesn't tell us? What kind of crazy crap is that? Economy downturn or not, it isn't like O is having to give on the cheap this year!

Can you imagine showing up to Chicago, having them announce "It's the favorite things episode", you thinking "I'm about to pocket 10 grand worth of loot" and the O announces, "This year it is about thrifty gifts!" That has to be the biggest bummer EVER!

Today I did so much that I think I am near collapse. I had to take Lola to the groomer, gas up the car, go to court for a juvenile plea, go by Neimans and pick up a pre-order for my Mom, have a 10:30 meeting at the office, go to Richardson and pick up my pics that were in, have lunch, go to get Lola from the groomer and deliver her home, go get my oil changed, only to find out that I also needed to flush the transmission and replace that fluid, go on a tablecloth hunt for my mom which meant going to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Walmart, fit in a 2:30 meeting at the office, go on a hunt for a particular type of dinner rolls which meant going to Tom Thumb, Kroger and a different Wal-Mart, going to Uncle Julio's to pick up a gallon of beans for tomorrow night, going to TJ Maxx to get something else for Mom, a trip to Hobby Lobby to get things I forgot on Tuesday, re-fill up the car with gas because I drove so much today, AND finally teaching my class at 5:30! WHEW!

Now it is time to finish laundry, pack my bags, pack Lola's bag, and load the car with what I can tonight because we have to roll out of here at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Lola has to be at the Vet by 10 a.m. in Henrietta because they close at noon and have to take her x-rays to the hospital for developing (that is a country vet for you!).

Tomorrow night we are having 14 of the Fitts clan for dinner at my Mom & Dad's house, then Thursday we will have Thanksgiving lunch at my grandparent's house with the 18-20 members of the clan that are making it in this year. I'll probably head back home on Thursday so that I can focus on decorating Friday. I also have been really anticipating the opening of "Australia"... hello, Hugh Jackman, need I say more! It opens tomorrow, but since there is not a theater anywhere near Nocona, I will have to wait until I'm back home to go see it.

Happy Turkey Day to Everyone! Don't eat too much pie... oh, why not, go ahead, overindulge!!!!


Aggie98 said...

Hey Kara!

I just saw you had a blog!! How fun. I have enjoyed reading about you and your precious little Lola. Hope you have a wonderful Turkey day - Celena

Abby said...

Best buy has "sex in the city" on it's black friday list for 9.99. Yea I love black friday.

You are so right I would have been totally sad to be on the cheap favorite things, but maybe she will give them a cheap car...or something to make up for it!!

have fun and drive safe!!


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