Saturday, November 22, 2008

Warning for your laundry

Do not wash a featherbed if you have a front load washing machine! I don't care what the instructions say!

Lola has again peed on the extra bed and since I hadn't made it up since the last time she peed on that bed, she peed on the featherbed this time. The instructions said you can wash it, but the washer just can't spin it out. If I still had my old washer that you could set to just the spin cycle, then I probably could have ended up spinning it all out, but as my frontload washer doesn't have this option, I think it is just ruined. It is now a big wet heap of a mess in my trash can.

P.S. Just in case you think my dog is running wild around here without any discipline, she actually has a vet appointment on Wednesday for an x-ray of her bladder. She is acting an awful lot like Macy did when she had bladder of the problems is that when they jump up on something they can lose control of their bladder. If that isn't the problem, then she is going to start getting some whippings!



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