Friday, December 5, 2008


I don't recall if I blogged back in early November about my eyes or not. If not, here is a recap...I woke up on November 7th looking very similar to elephant man. My eyes were so swollen. I went to the eye doctor to make sure I had no infection and to get some meds for either an infection or allergies. I didn't get to see my "regular" doc, but a different doc checked me out, said no infection, use benadryl and cold compresses because I don't think it is bad enough for steroids, and that will be $70. YEAH, spend a load of cash and no remedy! I thought at the time that I should have just thrown $70 out the window of the car while driving there, it would have been about as helpful!

Well about a month has gone by, and my eyes have been swollen to some degree every single morning. I called the eye doc again yesterday and told them the situation but my regular doc wouldn't prescribe a scip without seeing me. I told them there was no way I was paying $70 again! I would come if they charged me a cheaper "follow-up" rate. After much negotiation, we finally struck a deal for $41 and I agreed to make the appointment.

The doc tried to say that he was concerned it wasn't allergies, but maybe I needed to see a dermatologist. Now I'm no doc, but that didn't seem to make sense to me. I can see why a dermatologist would be necessary if it was just a skin irritation on my eyelids, but the swelling? After many warnings about the dangerous side-effects of the prednisone, I finally reassured him that I have taken it countless time for my allergies and wanted it...NOW! I started taking it yesterday with the first 6 pills in the dosage and of course this morning, my eyes have NO swelling whatsoever!

If only the doc had listened to me last month I could have gone without the swollen eyes for an entire month (of course they would have gone without getting additional money from me, so this might have been part of the conspiracy!). And wouldn't you know it! When I was checking out, they tried to charge me $70 again! I of course straightened them out quickly and paid my $41.

Unfortunately, this time is no different than any other time I've had swollen eyes... after the swelling goes down, my eyelids get super dry. So today, I look like I have scabies or something, but it's nothing that a lot of eye makeup won't cover up!



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