Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Again!

We finally made it home! Lola was released a little after noon today. I took her the chicken and rice this morning and she still wouldn't really eat (she ate a few pieces of chicken). The vet decided to release her because he said her condition was no longer "acute". She smelled like a cattle lot when we picked her up though. You know she is loved because nobody cared, everyone hugged and kissed on her anyway!

Here are some photos of Lola. You can see her little bandaged leg from where the IV was and then where they shaved it to put the IV in. She is very close because she kept trying to get in my face (I think she missed her Mom!). The photos are pre-bath, so just imagine the smell of a pee and poop as your read!

"Hey, I'm a schnauzer, not a poodle! Who groomed my leg like this?"
She still isn't normal Lola. She is pretty weak because she hasn't eaten and kept food down since Christmas Eve. The vet had wanted me to try and get her to eat this canned food for a couple of days, but she refuses. I've made the decision that it is more important to get her to eat something at this point than it is to get her to eat the canned dog food, so I cooked her another boneless skinless chicken breast. Good news, I think she ate about a third of it!!! I hand fed her some of the pieces, but she also picked up a few pieces herself and ate them! AND...she has kept it down for at least 5 minutes.
She is still pretty weak and still feels pretty rotten, so I've rescheduled an appointment that I had schedule tomorrow morning so that I can stay with her (right now she makes a weak little barking noise when I leave the room for too long, so I think that means she gets to sleep with me tonight). She is also too weak to jump up on the couch, chair, etc., so I hope she will still continue to eat, even if it has to be chicken for now.
Keep Lola in your prayers. I can tell they have worked and helped her get this far! She was really in bad shape a few days ago (in fact my Dad told my Mom today that a few days ago he didn't think she was going to pull through).


Emilymud said...

I am so very happy you have her home. Also great job on the girl pink bandage, only for a princess!! Keep eating little girl.


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