Friday, December 26, 2008

Lola Update

Many of you have already been notified via text messages, but here is the news on Lola (and how we got here).

She woke up on Christmas morning and had thrown up in her kennel, but no big deal. She seemed okay all day (well how can you tell if a dog is normal when you have 15 extra people in your house including an 8 yr. old, a 7 year old, and twin 1 year old boys!). Around 4 p.m. she started the vomiting and continued until we went to bed. I let her sleep with me in bed (for the third time in her life) and she didn't throw up during the night, but was breathing heavy and had trouble getting comfortable. When we woke up this morning, I knew very quickly things were not bueno. She had gotten worse over night and didn't even have enough energy to walk. I took her outside, took her to her water (which she drank and vomited 30 seconds later).

Off we went to Henrietta, because you know we already had an 8:30 a.m. appointment to get an x-ray to see if her bladder stones had reduced. We got to Henrietta and the vet heard about her symptoms and was convinced that there was a blockage from her rawhides. Then she listened to her with the stethoscope and I could see the concern wash over her face...she was breathing very heavy and as the vet said, "this is a very sick little girl." She took the x-ray and I sat with Lola in a chair very impatiently while they drove them up to the hospital (real people's) for developing. After about 10 minutes, the runner came back and said everyone in radiology was off for Christmas. After another 10 minutes of calling around we had found out that someone was on call, but they maybe lived out of town, etc. Finally in a panic with a deteriorating little girl in my lap with her head laid on my shoulder I said, "Find me a vet in Wichita Falls".

After a "who's on first" version of directions, I was on my way. As I left the vet, I started crying uncontrollably which came in handy as I drove 85 mph to WF. I called Mom and she was on her way from Nocona. We got to the vet, waited forever (okay maybe only 30 minutes but it seemed like forever when you were sitting there crying in front of a bunch of people who are looking at you like you are crazy). The vet there did x-rays (no blockage) and blood tests (not good). From the blood work he thought she had pancreatitis (which killed my Macy) or HGE (which darn near killed Lola when she was one), so imagine my panic. I left her there so that she could start her iv fluids (because she was really really dehydrated) and her antibiotics (which would treat either illness).

Still crying, Mom and I decided to go to Sam's so she could show me a bedroom furniture set that she had her eye on. Luckily for me, Mom was in a spending mood, so for a little while, I was about to divert my attention while spending a couple of grand! We had to call Dad to bring the pickup so that we could get the furniture home, so we all ended up in the Falls.

I stopped by the vet before I left town and saw Lola. She looked better and seemed happy to see me. After a long afternoon of moving out furniture and moving in furniture, I received a call from the vet who said she was doing well. He said she was resting comfortably now and they would try to give her some food in the morning to see if she could keep it down, and that she would be there until Monday at least. They are closed on Sunday, so I can't visit then, but my grandmother, my Mom and I are going to WF again tomorrow for another furniture shopping trip (my g-ma this time) and we are going to stop and see Lola and take her favorite little pink stuffed elephant to her (tonight will be the first time she hasn't slept with Ellie since I got her).

I'll post another update tomorrow after we get back from WF, but until then, please keep Lola Marie in your prayers.


Emilymud said...

Oh poor Lola! I am so sad for you...and to think my heart was breaking because I put Bob at the cat hotel for Christmas. I can only imagine how worried you are. We will be thinking of you and Lola!


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