Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

You may think I'm crazy, but my new favorite thing is a PedEgg. (I thought for sure everyone would know what a PedEgg is, but my uncle's wife didn't, so if you are among those people who don't know, you should probably watch more tv, or at least the commercials!)

I decided tonight that I was desperate for a pedicure. My polish still looks fine, but not to be too graphic, but my heels looked disgusting! I decided that I would go purchase a PedEgg and give it a whirl instead of going to get a pedicure... I mean if it worked then by spending $10 on the PedEgg, I wouldn't have to go spend $30 on a pedicure.

At this point, I will say that I realize I sound exactly like Becky Bloomwood (main character from the "Shopaholic" book series--If you haven't read them, they are great and the movie coming out probably won't do the books justice based on the sneak peeks I've seen, so read the books!). You see Becky had a bit of a shopping "problem". She would from time to time decide that she had to cut back and save money, and she would always end up spending money to save money. I remember one incident from the books where she decided to stop eating out at restaurants, but in turn she spent a fortune on new kitchen gadgets, cookware, etc. and could have easily eaten out for 6 months on what she spent. If you have read the books and did make the connection between me and Becky, I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm okay with that, as I felt the author was channeling me when she developed the character of Becky.

Anyway, I digress, back to the PedEgg! I think it worked brilliantly! I will say that it isn't quite as mess free as they claim, but nonetheless, it did its job, and was probably still cleaner than most other methods of buffing out your feet. They have a newer model that has a handle, but I'm not sure that would work as well. I think it is probably easier to use the standard older model that fits in the palm of your hand and the older model is $3 cheaper.

If I was Oprah, the PedEgg would definitely be on my favorite things list this year! Most of you should probably be glad that I am basically finished with my Christmas shopping or you know what you'd be getting this year (I actually only have to finish buying for Lola and Milly and I don't think the pups would appreciate it)!



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