Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Lola Update

I went to see Lola this morning around 10:15. I went in to the clinic and said I was there to check on Lola. They said just a minute. In a few minutes out came a walking Lola on a leash! She was definitely not a perky "normal" Lola, but at least she was walking albeit slowly. Her eyes still don't look super alert and she wouldn't put her ears up much, but when we all said Hi to her, she gave her little stumpy tail a wag. She still has her IV in her leg, but they had just unhooked her from her fluids so that she could go on a little walk.

We went out to the vacant lot next door and made a loop. Then after bringing her in we all petted her, etc. and then I walked her back to the back to her her kennel. As I started to leave, she looked really sad and tried to follow me out. Of course, I started crying because she looked so sad.

They said that at the point I was there, she had drank some water and vomited it, but had eaten a couple of bites of food and had kept it down so far. They closed at 2:00 and I didn't hear any updates from them. They told me yesterday that if you don't hear from them, then that means everything was good and nothing was wrong.

I went to Wichita Falls today with my Mom and Meme. Again, good thing my family is so willing to part with large loads of cash this weekend to keep me shopping and help me keep my mind off of Lola! My Mom bought curtains, lamps, a mirror and other decorative stuff for her newly decorated bedroom. My Meme went for a new couch and bought the couch, a loveseat and a chair! Her furniture won't be delivered for a few weeks though, so I think she is going to have to reschedule her hosting date for the Maids and Matrons Club meeting. My Dad said she may have to look for a new house to have it in period, because Papa may kick her out for going on such a spending spree!

We got my Mom's bedroom almost done (still a few more things to do) but it looks like a completely new room! Although, right now Mom and Dad are arguing over whether they are ditching their alarm clock that is roughly the size of a Bose Wave Radio, but of course isn't near as cool seeing as they have had it since they got married in 1975!!!!


Emilymud said...

I am so happy to see she is walking around. That makes me feel better.

P.S. my parents have that same old school alarm too!


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