Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

Okay, well it is actually a Snow Day minus the snow! Ice day maybe? Frozen rain and drizzle day? None sound as fun as a snow day, and they aren't!

So all of McKinney is shut down today... no school, no city offices, no county government offices are open. Of course the State Administrative Judge is still insistent at this moment that we are having ALR (Administrative License Review) hearings today at the courthouse in McKinney, but I'm not sure how she is planning to do that since the courthouse will be locked when she arrives!

This is just part of the reason that I have grown to hate bad weather days. Nobody knows what is going on and it is just pure havoc on my lazy day! Some courts expect you to do double duty tomorrow and just bring your people in then for today's settings and some reschedule altogether. More fun...they just expect you to KNOW all of that without anyone telling you!



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