Saturday, December 13, 2008

That's a wrap!

The Fall Semester is a wrap... I finished posting grades online last night! I hope to be very diligent and adapt my syllabus for each of my Spring classes next week and then I can just enjoy the time off until classes begin again on January 20th.

Milly was delivered to me yesterday for a weekend of babysitting. Lola was thrilled (not really). I don't mind keeping Milly, but I do mind sleeping with Milly. Last time she visited, I decided that she was going to sleep in a kennel next to Lola...she screamed for an hour until I gave up. How could having Milly in bed really matter? After all, she only weighs 14 pounds, right? Well, you see, Milly has to be touching you. She won't just sleep at the end of the bed, she is right in the middle of the bed. So I spend the night contorting myself all around Milly! Not to mention the fact that I'm so afraid I'm going to roll over and smother her that I can barley sleep!

In addition to having difficulty sleeping because Milly is actually asleep in my bed, there is the other side of the coin...Milly not sleeping in my bed! Everyday that Milly is in the same house as Lola, is like Christmas Eve for Milly. Once you put Lola to bed in her kennel, all Milly wants to do is escape the bedroom to go look for Lola. She just won't go to sleep. Once she is asleep, she almost always wakes up at least one time during the night. Of course you have to go see if she has to go out and potty, but it almost always is just Milly thinking, "Is it morning yet? Can I go find Lola?". That was at 1:00 a.m. this morning. Luckily (and from experience, I do mean luckily), Milly slept in until 7:00 a.m. this morning. There was no convincing her, it was morning and Lola time! So Milly is thrilled and Lola and I are wondering what the heck to do at dark thirty on a Saturday morning!



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