Monday, December 8, 2008

Typical Monday

I would know that today was a Monday even if I hadn't looked at a calendar!

I had to give a 7 a.m. final exam this morning. I left the house at 6:30 right on time. Usually that puts me to class 10-15 minutes early depending on traffic...not this morning! They had 121 shut down at Coit Rd. due to a big accident. I actually turn on Coit Rd., so this wouldn't have been a big deal except the traffic was backed up for miles, then at Coit Rd. half of the traffic went North and half was going South as detours. It took 20 minutes to get through that light and then of course my normally no-traffic back way of going to the college was completely congested with all of the detour traffic. I was 5-10 minutes late for the exam, but since of course, it was exam day, they couldn't really leave!

I started handing out the exam and a student said "Are there only 30 multiple choice, I thought there were going to be 50?". I looked at the test and I guess the last couple of pages didn't sort through the copier correctly and the last 20 questions were missing! I had to write the last 20 questions and answer options on the board. Geez...what else could go wrong right?

Well about 45 minutes into the exam a student came running in late, so I had to stay an additional hour for him to finish his exam!

Now I'm about to go to a new client meeting with someone we already suspect of being crazy (just from our initial phone conversation), so who knows how that will go! MONDAYS!!!!



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