Monday, December 1, 2008

You want me to do what with that?

I don't think I have blogged about the dog food ordeal... Lola is suppose to be on this Hill's Prescription SD dog food for a month to see if that reduces her bladder stones. My vet was out of it and I have been unable to get any until today because the local vet down the road that carries it, won't let me have it without a script from my vet, and my vet was closed until today.

Upon finding out that a script was required I thought "Hugh?". It isn't like it is pills that a human could take illegally. What am I going to do with prescription dog food? It's not like I'm going to eat it in an attempt to change the PH balance in my urine! Anyhow, I went to pick up the food today and found out that it does not come in dry dog food, only canned. That was when I said "Good Lord!" #1.

Then I started trying to figure out how much she needs to eat per day. Well, there is no clear answer for this either. A dog who weighs 20 lbs. is suppose to eat 1- 1 1/3 cans per day. A 40 lb. dog is suppose to eat 1 2/3 as the minimum serving, so how much should I feed my 27 pound dog who could stand to lose 5-7 lbs anyway? That is the magic question that the fancy vet's office couldn't figure out... insert "Good Lord!" #2 right here!

12 cans come to a case, which may only last us 9 days (depending on how much of it I give her), so I just bucked up and bought two cases to get me through until we go home for more x-rays. $51!!!!!! Insert "Good Lord!" #3 with a few exclamations and maybe expletives right here!

It's 5:00, so I figured, time for Lola's supper. I opened up a can and it doesn't smell so bad that it is going to make me vomit like I feared, but it looks like condensed or congealed fat! So disgusting. It is very solid, so I tried to break it up with a fork, I guess in an attempt to make it look more appetizing for Lola. So I put the doggy equivalent to fillet mignon down in Lola's doggy dish and what does she do? She runs by it, give it a whiff and runs off quickly! That's right, insert "Good Lord!" #4! Now at this point, I get down on the floor and try coaxing her over to her bowl. She is looking at me like "You want me to do what with that?".

It was problem solving time now, and get ready to be grossed out here, I pick up the canned solid fat looking stuff and start hand feeding it to Lola. I figured if she got a taste then maybe that would get her over the hump of it looking and smelling like complete crap! You have to know at this point in the story that Lola has always grabbed a mouthful of food, run into the living room, dropped it and then eaten it off the floor. She finally start to try to eat it, but can't figure out how to transport it.

I think to myself that this is just a classic crazy story for the blog, so I come in here to my office to start writing about it and I hear here in the kitchen howling at her food. Yep, "Good Lord!" #5 came at about this moment. After she has been really talking to it in there for a while, I finally went in to check and it appears that she has eaten most of it. One feeding down, 40+ feedings to go!

Below is Lola examining the packaging and the two unopened cases of the food.
Note that she is much more interested in the packaging than she is the actual food!


Emilymud said...

I love it...did she ever figure out how to take a small bit to the floor. Well at least you didn't have to eat it to make her want some! Nice work.

Abby said...

Poor Lola,

I love that she carries food to the living room to start eatting. When Bailey's bowl was away from us he use to carry all of his food into the room we were in to eat with us, now we are all together, so he doesn't have to do that any more!


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