Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Afternoon Update

Lola seemed to be feeling better today. She had chased a squirrel out of the yard, greeted me at the front door when I returned home from a meeting and even jumped up on the couch, but then I noticed that her skin looked yellow. I called the vet again and he said, yep, bring her in.

We threw things in the car and headed for Wichita Falls. I wanted to go back to this vet because I didn't want to have to reinvent the wheel at a vet in McKinney. We got there about 2:00 and the vet had left to go to a funeral. I went to Target to get some items I realized that I had forgotten (underwear, deodorant, etc.). When I got back to the clinic, our vet had returned and done an ultrasound on Lola.

He said that her pancreas is very enlarged (possibly a tumor, though I guess it is hard to tell the difference on an ultrasound). She is yellow because her pancreas is so enlarged that it is cutting off a valve or bile duct in her gallbladder. He believes that she has chronic pancreatitis as opposed to acute pancreatitis. This means she has probably been sick for a long time, but just coped with it and didn't really show any symptoms. He said that chronic is easier to treat, but that it takes longer to get them well because they have been sick for so long. If we can get her over this episode, then she will have to be on a special diet to help prevent further flare-ups.

He is changing the fluid that she is being given as well as her antibiotics. They have shaved her other leg and she looks like she is wearing fluff mama boots on her front legs (for those of you not up on fashion, these are very furry Ugg boots that go up to the knee for humans).

She will be there all weekend and more than likely, they will probably do a little surgery on her on Monday and insert a feeding tube.

Keep praying for my Lola. She needs it desperately.


Emilymud said...

Oh poor you and really poor Lola. What a trooper she has been...I am thinking about you both.


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