Monday, January 26, 2009


Well they are predicting one of the worst ice storms in several years to hit in a couple of hours now. I'm really a bigger fan of snow, so I'm not real hyped up about it. I'm really hoping that I don't have to get out and drive in it. So, as long as they cancel my classes tomorrow night and Wednesday morning, I'm good to go. Actually, I could use a couple of days off. I know, I know, it is only Monday! Well this weekend I had quite a list of tasks to accomplish around the house.

My house was beyond a disaster zone going into the weekend. In fact, I accidentally left my garage door (and thus the door from the garage to my house) open when I went to my classes on Thursday night. When I got home I went in to search and see if I'd been burglarized. When I got into my bedroom and bathroom, I thought to myself that it was very sad that if I called the cops right then, they would have thought that a burglary in fact had occurred and my house had been ransacked! No Kidding! I had suitcases in the floor. Piles of both dirty and clean clothes in the floor. The place was dirty...hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in I don't know when (probably since the last time I was griping about having to clean on my blog!). To top all that off, I still had an undecorated Christmas tree standing in my bedroom, two rubbermaid containers of Christmas decorations stuck under the desk in my bedroom, and two Christmas trees (in six different parts) piled in the corner of my garage!

So, though I severely lacked the motivation this weekend, I could no longer live like this and worked on both Saturday and Sunday to rectify this dire situation! I was successful, but didn't get much rest, thus my desire for a day to do nothing but rest.

Tonight I went to dinner at III Forks Steakhouse. A big lawfirm in Dallas paid for my dinner because they are thinking about starting a Criminal Law section and wanted my expertise (he he! Once I heard I was getting III Forks for free, I didn't bother to tell them I'm not an expert!). After dinner, I decided that I had in fact feasted like I was about to enter hibernation. I guess if it really ices us in, I won't really need to eat for several days! I had the III Forks salad with greens, granny smith apples, pecans and crumbled blue cheese for starters. I had the 8 oz. fillet mignon "oscared up" with Bearnaise sauce, asparagus and lump crab meat on the top. Finally I had some cream brule'. SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!! There really is nothing like eating darn near $100 worth of food! Now if only I can manage to sleep for a couple of days!


Emilymud said...

wow...thus far no need to be in all week! Guess we will see what happens tonight with the so called "ice"!


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