Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

Well it took a little longer to hit than they predicted, but the ice storm '09 hit just in time to get me out of class on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning!

My dreams of sleeping in were killed by a cute little white dog. First let me start this tale off by saying that Lola was very sleepy last night until I said "go get in your kennel". She always runs right in but not last night. For some reason she had it in her head that she was going to sleep with me last night... guess she was making up her own set of "ice day" rules. Finally, I got her in her kennel and after a few moments of expressing her displeasure, she was fine...until 6:00 a.m. Then I heard a little dog crying pitifully. I came and let her outside. She didn't care for her super crunchy yard and had a hard time finding just the right place to go potty. Then she ran inside and ran into my room, hopped up on the bed, curled up and sacked out. Man was she sawing logs! I of course, never successfully went back to sleep!

If you live in this area and missed watching Channel 5 this morning from 9:15-9:40ish, then you really missed something. They were watching a live shot of some mix master in Ft. Worth. People were sliding all over. Channel 5 called TXDOT and they finally brought in a sand truck, but it was hilarious until they did that. They were nicknaming the cars and I guess some people were getting calls from friends or family asking "is that you in stuck on the highway that I'm watching on t.v.?" because people started sticking out their arms waving at the camera. It was a real debacle, but I just couldn't stop watching!

I have done some reading, tv watching and baking of Magnolia cupcakes today. The courthouse decided to open at noon even though every single school in the county and the City had closed all day. I had a jail plea scheduled for 1:00, but had to call and tell them to reschedule to tomorrow. If you've been to my house you know, I have a SUPER steep driveway. Also, it isn't on the right side of the house to get much sun until late in the day. So, when I would have had to leave for the jail, I was really afraid I would have ended up in my neighbor's house!


Abby said...

That is hilarious my sister was watching the same thing. She couldn't get over it!! She just kept saying, I'm watching the traffic it's so funny. Oh no oh no he's going to hit that, oh he's ok. You couldn't even talk to her she was so involved.

Emilymud said...

Yes...Chris and I were watching too. I can't believe that red thunderbird wouldn't move. I just knew one of the 2 semis were going to plow into it. Chris wanted to drive over there just to get in on the craziness. It was funny, and I love the man news casters comment.

Yes Abby called while we were watching I had to take a picture and email her just so she knew what I was talking about. She didn't understand it really. Glad I am not the only loving the traffic reports this icy day!


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