Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well for all the money I saved yesterday, I guess I rewarded myself with a splurge today! In reality it was a business paid for splurge. I got an iphone.

I wasn't going to get the iphone because I didn't want to pay the extra service charge on a monthly basis, but once I discovered that so many of the other phones required extra service if you wanted to utilize their features too, I broke down and did it.

One thing I really wanted to do was be able to get and send e-mails from my phone. I thought that would be helpful both personally and from the business side of things. I've also been wanting another ipod so that I could have one for the house and one for the car, and this solves that problem too. The other good thing is that when I go walking, I will have both (I usually leave my phone at home because I don't want to keep up with both).

I'm currently downloading my music playlist on the iphone and will probably spend the remainder of the evening playing with all the stuff it does. Oh, and of course I have a cute hot pink case for it too!


Abby said...

I'm so jealous. I would love to have one, I don't think I want one enough to go back to work. However, if I had to go back to work I would totally buy an iphone!!

I think you need to down load the restaurant rulet. So fun!!

Kara said...

I already did. It is fun! I'm posting this from my phone

Emilymud said...

Well honestly with all your should have paid off some of LOLA'S mess from this past Christmas and such.

But as for I, I too would have bought the phone. Much better choice if you ask me!


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