Monday, January 5, 2009


I drove up to WF in icy conditions this morning to check on Lola. She was happy to see me again. If I stopped petting her, she would paw at me or headbutt my arm to make me start up the petting again. She even talked to several of the dogs who walked by.

She had quite the exciting Sunday evening (possibly early Monday morning)! She pulled the IV out of her arm AGAIN. As if that isn't enough, there was some sort of burglary at the clinic. Someone broke in and got to their safe. Thankfully they didn't steal Lola (though as Lisa pointed out people usually only steal healthy pets)! Lola and Elvis the cat were the only witnesses though. No report yet on whether she will be subpoenaed to testify!

Speaking of Elvis the cat, there is a really cute cat at the clinic who is in need of a home. I would take him if I was in the market for a cat and didn't have so many allergic people around. I'm trying to talk Lisa into adopting him as a playmate for their cat Metarie, but since she doesn't want Metarie on most days, I'm guessing that will be a no-go. So, if anyone wants a cute cat named Elvis, let me know and I'll hook you up!

The plan was to leave Lola off the iv fluids today and see how she did. Maybe she will be released tomorrow.



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