Thursday, January 1, 2009

NY Day Lola Update

Well, today's not a good day for Lola either. She doesn't have as much energy as she did a couple of days ago, but then that is probably because she isn't eating. At around 5:00 p.m. we reached the 48 hour mark of NO FOOD! So, after trying everything I could think of to get her appetite back (including the new addition of scrambled eggs today), I resorted to cramming food down her throat and holding her mouth shut until she swallowed. This was successful in getting down about 6 pieces of chicken, probably about a tablespoon of scrambled eggs and maybe about 2 teaspoons of hamburger meat. I have to say that she wasn't loving it. I'm hopeful that maybe a little bit of protein in her might get her a little more energy for tomorrow.

I'm wondering if her antibiotic might be making her feel nauseous. I plan to put a call into the vet as soon as they open in the morning to see what can be done about her hunger strike.



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