Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday chores

I haven't managed to make it to the movie today (hopefully tomorrow), but I have gone to the grocery, done laundry, taken Lola on a walk, watched the backlog on my DVR, decorated for Valentine's, and finally organized the entry closet. Not an exciting Saturday, but at least I managed to tick off several things on my weekend "to do" list.

I'm very pleased with the entry closet. You'd really think that I live in some very cold place based on the large quantities of winter accessories that I own! I also had a couple of shelves left for some Lola accessories organization too.

Blogs are always better with photos, so here are a couple of the progress with my closet and the decorations.

Front Decorations
Backyard Decorations
This year's addition to the decorations...garland for the mantle
Valentine's Tree

It was a little sad pulling out my Valentine's decorations because a large portion of my decorations broke a couple of years ago in what I call the "Garage Cleaning Debacle of '07"!



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