Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Report on Lola

The vet called and woke me up this morning, which gave me a heart attack. He said she was no worse, maybe a little better. He wanted me to bring some chicken to see if she would eat.

I got up there a little after 10:00. Lola was very alert and greeted me with a kiss and wagging tail. She is the only pup with a baby in her kennel (her toy pink elephant "ellie"). She also was giving Ellie kisses. No go on the chicken though. The vet came back and talked to me. He said that he didn't believe this episode was life threatening. He said that he believed she was going to pull through. He said that this will probably be a life long challenge for lola (a troubled pancreas including possible diabetes) and will require a strict diet.

I went and killed a little time and then stopped back by about 12:00. She still wouldn't eat the chicken. After giving her a million kisses, I left for the day.

The vet explained a little more about the feeding tube. He said that it would be just temporary and that they would insert it into her lower intestines (i think lower). I guess she is too nauseous to want to eat and this will get her nutrients until she feels like eating.

Keep praying. Tomorrow is my sad day where I can't go visit, so I won't know anything until the vet calls.



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