Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Country!

Whether you supported Obama or not, I'm not sure how you can go through today and not think to yourself "What a Country!".

Many people get wrapped up in the person in office (I'm saying person, because someday I truly believe that a woman will be elected). There is no disputing that it is an awesome thing that we have now sworn in our first African American President some 45 years after a reverend from Alabama spoke about the dream in almost the same exact spot. There is no denying that it is wonderful to see the passing of the torch from one generation to another. But most awe inspiring to me is not those facts, not who the person is, but that we passed the torch with no bloodshed. So many places in the world, leadership does not pass from one person to the other like ours did today.

Our blessing as Americans is a system that has worked exactly as those brilliant Founding Brothers hoped and planned that it would over 200 years ago. Today and every other time that the torch is passed, I think more Americans should reflect on the miracle of Philadelphia and that amazing document which is our Constitution and those wonderful men who wrote it.


Abby said...

I missed Tim Russert yesterday. Even as rebublican as I am, yesterday was pretty impressive. Plus that Sasha is one cute girl!


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