Monday, July 27, 2009

The Musical (*updated*)

Apparently you should not blog in a hurry! I was in a hurry to post this earlier because I had to go meet with a White Collar/Organized Crime District Attorney about a case. It seems that in my hurry, I have left out details that my blog readers wanted to know! I've updated throughout the post (in italics).
Last night, Lisa and I began our evening out at R+D Kitchen. It was pretty good (not as good as the other times I visited), but the big noteworthy thing about dinner was that Lisa commented that the side dish that I ordered was much better than the one she ordered. If you are new to the blog or don't remember my prior stories about my friend Lisa, she never shares bites of her food at restaurants because she says she knows she has ordered the best thing on the menu and doesn't want to share it with others (or eat our sub-par food choices). You can see how this admission from my friend almost caused me to faint and miss the next event of the evening!

Please note Lisa's side dish with nary a nibble missing from it and my side dish that we have cleaned completely! Lisa's was Hot Potato Salad and my side dish was french fries (real exotic right!). They're like shoe string fries which I love and they are flavored really good.
This is where we were off to next:

These funny girls were sitting two rows behind us. They were all dressed up like the main character, Elle Woods. They were too funny, so I had to take a photo of them. About two seconds later, I was told that if I didn't put my camera up, it would be taken away and stored. I pointed out that it was 35 minutes before the show started and I wasn't even facing the stage, but that didn't matter. I stopped short of pointing out that at least 95% of the people there probably had camera phones.
These girls let out the most blood curdling scream just seconds before the show began. It almost caused my 32 year old heart to give out, so I have pity on the older folks in the theatre! These screams continued at various points throughout the show. I was glad we were near them because I think they had the most fun of anyone there!

I really enjoyed the musical. It was fun. I LOVED the darn dogs. They had a real "Bruiser Woods" and a real "Rufus" (Paulette's bulldog). Those pups are even listed in the playbill cast of characters. "Bruiser" is played by a Chihuahua named Frankie, and "Rufus" is played by a bulldog named Nellie. The funniest part is that they have understudies! My favorite part was in the courtroom when Elle has discovered that the pool boy is really gay. That scenario produces a song they call "There! Right There!" which is really just "Is He Gay or European?". Hilarious!


Ann said...

So fun!

courtney said...

i love how the red-headed girl actually had "bruiser" with her!

how was the actual musical? was it good?

Abby said...

Details....was it good. What was your side dish. Please elaborate

The Ffrench's said...

Fun !!! I wish I lived closer. And uh how dare you take out your camera 35 min before showtime...the nerve of you !!!

laterg8r said...

sounds awesome, glad you got a shot of those ladies - i'm sure they did have the most fun there! hope you did too :)

Abby said...

So thankful that you updated. I just read an article about white collar criminals hiring the "jail" coaches. Martha Stewarts coach is Madoff's free coach so you could see if he will take on your client...if he's innocent that disregard all of the above. Do you like that I determined that he is a he!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

musicals are lots of sounds like you had lots of fun at this one :o)

(curious though about what were the three "letting out blood curdling screams" for?)


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