Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Childrens Home, Dogs and Shopping

I got up at the crack o' dawn again this morning (I recognize that people wake up at this time all over the place, but not me. Or Lola.) I had to be in Waco at 10:00 for one of my juvenile's interview. I was trying to get him in the Waco Methodist Home. I hadn't been there personally, so while I was there I took a tour.

It is soooo darn nice! It's a really beautiful campus. It looks like a smaller private college or I think if I had photos and told you it was some fancy pants boarding school, you'd totally believe me. I haven't heard whether my client got in yet, but I'm sure hoping so. He is a smart kid and isn't really bad. He just doesn't have anyone capable or willing to actually parent him. Sad situation, but I hope this will save him before he goes off the deep end and can't be saved. Plus I've got no idea what to do with him if they don't take him!

As far as not finding a home... it seems that our "new neighbor" I blogged about a couple of days ago has left. I knew I didn't seem him peeking through the picket hole all day yesterday. Today when I got home I looked and sure enough he was no where to be found. If my friend Jenn didn't live in NC, I would have sworn that she came and stole him, but I'm pretty sure she didn't make the drive here and back!

Tonight when I move Lola's kennel back into the living room, she will officially be the happiest puppy on earth!

Finally, if you didn't sign up for Rue La La when I posted about it way back when, then now is a good time. You can get some great Christmas finds on there. Today a Vera Bradley boutique started and I bought a Christmas present for more than half off. If you need a baby gift, their baby bags are marked down super cheap too. I think tomorrow, they start a Philosophy boutique, so if you are on my Christmas list, don't be surprised to see a gift from there show up under the tree with your name on it! Here is the invite again, in case you are more interested now that the shopping season is upon us



laterg8r said...

i hope that dog is being taken care of by nice people :D


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