Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I know that so many of you have busy busy weekends. I haven't had a super busy weekend, but it has gotten to the point that if I have to leave my house on the weekends, then its just too much. I realize that I'm just too darn lazy, but honestly, since I started teaching three classes, I've been this way.

Yesterday I sadly did have to leave my house. I had to go to my cousin's twin boys 2nd birthday party. All I'm going to say is that Zack and Max were much happier at their 1st birthday than they were their 2nd. That being the case, Mom and I bailed out of there as soon as possible! Mom was meeting Dad in their Rock Start Tour Bus later in the afternoon for an overnight stay about 40 miles away from the party location, so we did a little shopping.

We went to Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx. I've been thinking to myself lately that since my Mom is now semi-retired, I should take her on a trip to Canton Trade Days. Then I went with her to Hobby Lobby and remember why that is the craziest idea I've ever had in my entire life! Shopping with my Mom is better done in very contained areas without too many choices. My Mom and choices are not friends. Never will be.

Then after I made it home around supper time, and finished watching the Kennedy funeral events (both DVR'd and live), I watched some of my Netflixed "90210" DVD. I needed to catch up before the new season starts next week and was down to the final 4 episodes. I finished it today and then watched an episode of "One Tree Hill". I somehow missed out on OTH when it started back in 2003, and am just now getting addicted. I don't know why I love all these teenage dramas, but I do! I'm not even going to be ashamed about it... I'm confessing it to you all! Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Gossip Girl" too!

Besides giving Lola a bath, that's about it for today. As I think about the fact that the weekend is almost over, I could literally cry. The only thing keeping me from it is that next weekend is a LONG weekend. I can't wait!


laterg8r said...

sounds like a busy weekend - going to be a great looong one next week, hang in there! :D

Emilymud said...

wow, you were not as lazy as you would have liked to be! Enjoy your week...and I love the teenage drama showes too!

juls4real said...

Being a mom of a four year old, I wish I could chill in front of the tube, too. Sooo jealous, but in a good way.



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