Monday, September 28, 2009

I've Got Nothin'

I feel that I should blog about something, but really, I've got nothin'!  I had a very uneventful weekend cleaning out the backlog in my DVR from premier week.  I also had Milly until last night, and of course Lola who was sick.  Lola was a mommy's girl the whole weekend which means she was attached to me and wanted me to rub her head or back the entire time. 

Tomorrow is suppose to finally be THE DAY that I go back to Canton to pick up my dresser that I bought last month.  It has literally rained every single day that I was available to go and get it since I bought it.  I've been so worried about getting ripped off (since I had to pay for the dresser already), that it will be good to have it here in my garage.  I need to re-list my bedroom set on Craigslist for what I believe to be a more realistic price instead of one similar to what other sets are listed for.  I think I have finally selected the headboard that I want to order and a fabric. 

This is the headboard I have selected at Ballard Designs.  I initially wanted a smooth one (not tufted), but then I started thinking that since it is fabric and all, maybe tufted would be better so that if there ended up being a dirty spot at some point, then it probably wouldn't show as much.  I also planned on getting white, BUT perhaps common sense has won out and I thought better of white.  I ordered some fabric swatches and this one is called Latte Velvet and I think it is the winner.

In other news, while Traci and Courtney are blogging about dieting and working out, my Mom brought me some of my favorite candy from New Orleans!  This is from Evan's Candy, located right on Decatur Street between Cafe Du Monde and the French Market.  It is called Creole Hash and is made of homemade marshmallows, milk chocolate and pecans.  YUMMY! (sorry for the crappy iphone photo, I was being lazy).


Spotted-Bird said...

Hopefully my chocolate is in the mail. That stuff looks delic! I don't care if I am working out or not, I want some of that stuff.

laterg8r said...

love the color of the headboard and tufted will definitely look better longer :D

Ann said...

I like the headboard. I can't wait to see the room!

Traci said...

Love that headboard!

Ha! I just shouted out to you on my blog, too!


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